Women's Emerald Rings for Sale
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Green-fire is the given name to the brightest Colombian emeralds; we specialize in green fire emerald rings for women fine jewelry.


If you are interested in buying an emerald ring at fair price it is important to have in mind several aspects of it and make the purchase in a place where you can claim guarantees of your purchase.
Natural emeralds are extracted from the earth and they come in many qualities, meaning with this the purity of their crystal, intensity of color and brightness come to determine their price, a clean emerald is very rare and expensive, but it can be acquired at a reasonable price in the right place, without many intermediaries. Also keep in mind that a ring is made in gold and if there are diamonds or other gems, plus a labor that also have a price that you have to pay.
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Women's emerald rings for sale
Women's Emerald Rings
The exploration of raw emeralds in the mines is very expensive and risky, and it takes a long time to find the long-awaited emeralds in tunnels very deep in the earth, but the prices in the market do not have to be astronomical. Explore our affordable prices.
Women's emerald necklaces
Women's Emerald Necklaces
Our collection of emerald necklaces that we have available has been designed and made by ourselves, they are exclusive designs and our prices are quite reasonable, with the best possible materials and the best thing is that they are proudly made in the USA
Women's emerald pendants
Emerald Pendants for Women
Buying emerald pendant necklace? Buy from the specialists, designers and manufacturers of beautiful emerald jewelry available to you, our fine collection of pendants does not mean that their prices are out of your reach, we have different designs for all budgets.
Women's earrings emeralds
Women's Emerald Earrings
Genuine emerald earrings in elegant designs at affordable low prices; All our jewelry is made with emeralds from Colombia only, preferably from the Muzo mines. Buy with confidence from the specialist, designers and manufacturers.
emerald women bracelets
Emerald Bracelets for women
Colombian emerald bracelets online. our collection consists of different designs to the common, including tennis bracelets and bangle style, with high quality emeralds available online and ready to ship.
loose emeralds
Green-fire Loose Colombian emeralds for sale
When I buy loose emeralds in Colombia, I make sure that the emeralds are not fractured and filled with synthetics, with a bluish-green color, a brilliant crystal and that they are preferably extracted from the Muzo mines.
Mens emerald ring low price
Men's Emerald Rings
Emeralds also look fantastic in men's designs like rings, pendants and cufflinks; men's jewelry is also part of our catalog, we invite you to explore the different designs that we have available and that you will not find them anywhere else.
Sapphire rings for women
Women's Blue Sapphire Rings also for men
Sapphire rings for women, sapphire necklaces and men’s sapphire rings in beautiful and unique designs, crafted in white and yellow gold available online.
Australian natural opals jewelry
Australian Natural Opal Jewelry
New designs hand crafted beautiful genuine opal earrings necklaces and pendants featuring high quality opal jewelry at incredible low prices.
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Women's Emerald Rings Price:
The value for emeralds depends upon who the seller is and who the buyer is. Reputable companies have to pay high amounts of money for sophisticated advertising campaigns, luxurious location rents, professional salespeople’s payroll and other expenses, such as costs associated with intermediaries and international gemstone traders, because they are not going directly to the source like us. Of course, the business owners want all of their invested money returned, plus a good profit. Therefore, it’s normal for their prices to be as high as four times or more compared to our prices for the same identical gem.

A fine emerald can be more expensive than a high quality diamond of the same carat weight. Emeralds are unique among gems because even cloudy ones can be exceptionally valuable. Normally the very finest emeralds price would be in the range from USD $10,000 to USD $30,000 and up per carat. Most emeralds present in the commercial jewelry market today would be in the price area of USD $300 To USD $3,000 per carat in a decent quality.

Emeralds are relatively hard stones — 7.5 to 8.0 on the Mohs scale — but the presence of natural internal cracks and many inclusions can affect their solid structure. The finest natural emeralds in the world today are mined in Colombia, South America. Sellers of gemstones will usually tell you their emeralds are from Colombia because they are the most desirable and valuable. Zambia, Brazil, Afghanistan and Pakistan also produce beautiful, good quality emeralds. However, each gem has distinctions (color combinations and other inherent attributes) that distinguish and tie it to the region of the world from where it was mined. Only someone with expertise and superior knowledge can determine a stone’s origin.