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How to purchase an emerald ring and find out if it is real or not?

The similarities between a natural and a synthetic (or lab created) emerald/imitation can be difficult for the average person to determine and far more difficult if the stone is set already in a metal mounting.
Then how to know if the emerald ring you are buying is real or not?

Never inspect gemstone without a X10 loupe, if you don’t have one, ask the seller for a 10x loupe or a good magnifying lens and a bright light.

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Beautiful and modern designs, direct factory prices. the most precious gem among the gems of all time and in all kingdoms, the emerald is the captivating one of many stories and legends.
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Affordable Genuine Colombian Emerald Rings Prices
Natural emeralds are expensive, because it is hard to explore and find them in the mines, but their price does not have to be astronomical. Explore our prices.
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Colombian Emerald Necklaces
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Colombian Emerald Ring Baying Tips:

If you see tiny flaws or "irregular patterns" within the emerald and (this is a very important detail) small natural holes or tiny deep lines especially in the pavilion (the backside) of the gemstone, this is an indication that it may be a natural emerald. See wider info.

All gemstones are recognized as genuine for their unique natural defects, also called birthmarks, which is why it is very rare to find perfectly clean emeralds.

Make a very sharp inspection on the girdle of the gemstone looking for material fused together or assembled in layers If you don't have access to inspect the girdle and pavilion of the gem, I wouldn't buy the item.

There is a lot of tricks like doublets made with the same material of beryl with identical characteristics of a genuine emerald and color enhance in the mounting among many others.

If you are buying a bezel set gemstone ring make sure it has access to the pavilion for inspection and further cleaning process. But also there are emeralds and other color gemstones with a remarkable color zone...

If you are buying ONLINE a Womens emerald ring where beautiful computer renderings are shown, this means you are ordering a customized piece or a special order item that is not returnable for refund or exchange.