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Colombian emerald bangle bracelets

Emerald Bangle Bracelet

3.05 carats - This beautiful hinged bangle bracelet is crafted in 14k white gold, with a prong-set natural diamonds wavy strip
USD $5,850.00
Ref. # LB101
Colombian Emeralds and Princess Cut Diamonds Bracelet
Colombian Emeralds and Princess Cut Diamond Bracelet
2.95 carats high quality vibrant medium-deep green very brilliant - 14k white gold princess cut diamond band.
USD $10,800.00
Ref. # LB102
Emerald tennis bracelets

Emerald Tennis Bracelet

45 Genuine natural Colombian emeralds from the Muzo mine weighing 7.23 carats round cut, crafted in solid 14k white gold
USD $4,850.00
Ref. # LB103
Heart Shaped Emerald Bracelets
Heart Shaped Emerald Bracelet
1.11 ct. Beautiful natural Colombian emerald surrounded by a sparkling halo of natural white diamonds, made in 14k yellow gold.
USD $2,350.00
Ref. # LB104
Three Stone Links Emerald Tennis Bracelet
Colombian emerald bracelets
3.00 carats medium-deep green very brilliant, one Colombian emerald and two diamonds each independent link 14k white gold
USD $4,945.00
Ref. # LB105
Real natural Colombian emerald bracelets
Genuine Emerald Bracelet
2.64 carats real natural Colombian emerald form the Muzo mine with a vibrant bluish green color and accent natural diamonds. 14k.
USD $5,990.00
Ref. # LB106
Natural Emerald Tennis Bracelet
Natural Emerald Tennis Bracelet
5.00 carats 52 round-cut vibrant medium green stones - Simply elegant!!! This classic bracelet is crafted in solid 14k white gold
USD $4,300.00
Ref. # LB107
Colombian Emerald Bracelet Muzo Mine
Colombian Emerald Tennis Bracelet Muzo Mine
4.37 carats round diamond cut in a medium-deep brilliant green color and crafted in solid strong 14k white gold
USD $3,700.00
Ref. # LB108
Muzo Mine Emerald Bracelet
Muzo Mine Emerald Bracelet
1.08 ct. deep green high quality - 14k white gold decorated band with three natural diamonds each link
USD $3,500.00
Ref. # LB109
Natural Colombian Emeralds Bracelets
Natural Colombian Emerald Bracelets
2.52 carats beautiful high quality ovals Surrounded by two lines of brilliant natural diamonds.- 14k yellow gold.
USD $5,200.00
Ref. # LB110
yellow gold emerald bracelet
Yellow Gold Emerald Bracelet
1.80 ct., design features a combination of diamond-shape flexible links with a gem bezel set in the center, made in 14K yellow gold
USD $2,030.00
Ref. # LB111
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Emerald Oval Shaped Bracelet
Emerald Oval Shaped Bracelet
1.76 ct. beautiful sparkling natural Colombian emeralds from Muzo mine, a unique design crafted in solid 14k yellow gold
USD $4,200.00
Ref. # LB112
 Natural Emerald Bracelet
Natural Emerald Bracelet
2.02 carats oval cut, Vintage style and infinity links design, this beautiful emerald bracelet shimmers with romance. 14K yellow gold
USD $4,980.00
Ref. # LB113
White Gold Emerald Bracelet
White Gold Emerald Bracelet
1.80 ct. round cut bezel-set on the center of each flexible diamond-shape links that fits perfectly to the contour of the wrist - 14K
USD $2,030.00
Ref. # LB114
Colombian Emerald and Pearl Bracelet
Colombian Emerald and Pearl Bracelet
3.93 carats - This one-of-a-kind bracelet is handcrafted in solid 18k white gold and two row of white round pearls.
USD $6,500.00
Ref. # LB115
Emeralds and Diamond Bracelet
Emeralds and Diamond Bracelet
1.61 ct. - This vintage inspired bracelet is hand crafted in solid 14k yellow gold, and prong-set round diamonds.
USD $3,820.00
Ref. # LB116
Halo Emerald Bracelet
Halo Emerald Bracelet
1.41 ct. - This beautiful bracelet is 100% handcrafted in solid 18k yellow gold, unique and exclusive design.
USD $4,495.00
Ref. # LB117
Natural Emeralds and Diamond Bracelet
Natural Emeralds and Diamond Bracelet
3.40 carats five prong set vibrant medium green and two lines of sparkling natural diamonds- 14k yellow gold.
USD $4,300.00
Ref. # LB118
Emerald and Diamond Bangle Bracelet
Emerald and Diamond Bangle Bracelet
2.70 ct. round cut Colombian emeralds Muzo mine and 0.71 ct. natural diamonds prong set made in solid 14K white gold
USD $4,350.00
Ref. # LB119
Fine Quality Emerald Bracelet
Fine Quality Emerald Bracelet
2.40 carats medium-deep green very brilliant prong set and two straight lines of natural diamonds- 14K yellow gold
USD $3,850.00
Ref. # LB120
Emerald Bracelet 14K Yellow Gold
Emerald Bracelet 14K Yellow Gold
2.81 carats total weight, this simple yet elegant bracelet is hand crafted only for these medium-deep green gems.
USD $3,970.00
Ref. # LB121
Emerald Bangle Bracelet
Emerald Bangle Bracelet
Natural Colombian emeralds 2.69 ct. sparkling bluish green color, accent natural diamonds 0.70 ct. - Made in 14k white gold
USD $4,750.00
Ref. # LB122
Emerald Bangle Bracelet Yellow Goldt
Emerald Bangle Bracelet Yellow Gold
2.70 carats bluish medium green round cut natural Colombian emeralds from the Muzo mine and 0.71 ct. natural diamonds; in 14K
USD $4,330.00
Ref. # LB123
Colombian emeralds bracelet
Colombian Emeralds Bracelet
1.19 ct. seven round cut medium green very brilliant from the Muzo mine in Colombia - 14k yellow gold.
USD $1,980.00
Ref. # LB124
Natural Emerald Bangle Bracelet
Natural Emerald Bangle Bracelet
2.33 ct. round cut - This beautiful hinged emerald bangle bracelet is crafted in solid 14k yellow gold.
USD $2,700.00
Ref. # LB125
Natural emerald bracelet Muzo mine
Natural Muzo Mine Emerald Bracelet
2.15 ct. Rectangular emerald-cut set in a elongated oval shape diamond central link in solid 14k white gold, formal or casual wear.
USD $4,630.00
Ref. # LB126
Bracelet with real Colombian emerald
Real Colombian Emerald Bracelet
2.20 ct. rectangular shaped emerald-cut medium deep bluish green color in an open link with diamond design,14 yellow/white gold
USD $4,650.00
Ref. # LB127
Natural Colombian Emeralds Oval Shaped
Natural Colombian Emeralds Oval Shaped
0.80 ct. five beautiful sparkling medium green and crystalline gems with round cut natural diamonds prong set in 14K gold
USD $775.00
Ref. # LB128
Emerald cut Muzo Mine Bracelet
Emerald cut Muzo Mine Bracelet
0.46 ct. rectangular cut; the open rectangle prong set diamonds center is attached to an accented bar on each side. 14k yellow gold
USD $750.00
Ref. # LB129
Genuine Muzo Mine Emerald
Genuine Muzo Mine Emerald
0.85 ct. - 14K white gold
USD $1,195.00
Ref. # LB130
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About Emerald Bracelets Manufacture and Care:

Most of our designs must be projected with the idea of making the central part by hand or create the design on a computer and then printing it in wax (CAD), where the gem is going to be set.

If the design involves several emeralds in the central part of the jewel, then the entire central bar must be handcrafted with extreme precision to the size of the gemstones that must have the same color, quality and brightness.

Emerald Tennis Bracelets made with frames already made in factories, normally calibrated for gems all of the same size, then to get all them calibrated of the same quality, color, brightness, size and cut, it's hard and expensive task.

When a bracelet is tight on the wrist, it is uncomfortable and its closure can be easily damaged due to the constant pulling pressure on it and it can come loose from the hand.

If on the contrary it is loose, it will be permanently hitting on all sides as if it were a whip, the emeralds will break easily and immediately come off the frame, which happens frequently in tennis bracelets.

Keep in mind that the jewels are to be worn with delicacy and due care, abuse is expensive, whoever the jewel is. Avoid getting soaked in creams and lotions, wear the jewelry on your hand after applying these on your skin.

To clean an emerald bracelet, it should be left overnight in water with a grease remover soap, never use solvents that affect emeralds, the next day, with a toothbrush, rub it in all directions. especially on the back of the bracelet underneath of the gems; where more dirt accumulates and dulls them; rinse it with warm tap water and dry it with a towel.