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Emerald Earrings

Emerald Earrings for Sale

3.51 carats - 18k yellow gold video and pictures are real of these beautiful earrings, but they are nicer in person
USD $2,995.00
Ref. # E201
Emerald clip post earrings
Emerald Clip Post Earrings
2.20 carats - 14k gold, the vibrant green of these beautiful emeralds are like identical twins, born to be together
USD $4,500.00
Ref. # E202
Emerald Pear Shaped Earrings
Emerald Pear Shaped Earrings
5.05 carats 18k perfect for a lady who wants to accompany her elegance and style with the green fire emeralds
USD $4,990.00
Ref. # E203
Earrings emerald cut meralds
Earrings Emerald Cut Emeralds
3.85 carats - 18k these bluish green crystalline twin emeralds brilliantly dangling from a J-shaped semi-hoop
USD $7,500.00
Ref. # E204
Emerald earrings and pendant bridal set
Emerald Earrings and Pendant Bridal set
4.39 ct. - 14k gold the most beautiful trio set of our collection, waiting for someone with fire in her soul
USD $11,500.00
Ref. # E205
Emerald Clip on earrings pear shaped
Emerald Clip on Earrings Pear Shaped
1.58 carats - 14k white gold beautifully complemented by a short line of round natural pave set diamonds
USD $1,300.00
Ref. # E206
Emerald tear drop dangle earrings
Emerald Tear Drop Dangle Earrings
4.09 carats - 18K white gold hanging from a sparkling line of natural diamonds, are beautiful, elegant and simple
USD $3,400.00
Ref. # E207
Colombian emerald earrings
Colombian Emerald Earrings for Sale
6.16 carats - 14k - beautiful match sparkling bluish green emeralds surrounded by fine quality natural diamonds
USD $7,700.00
Ref. # E208
heart emerald earrings and pendant necklace set
Emerald Heart Earrings and Pendant Necklace Set
9.05 carats - 14k white gold surrounded in the shape of a heart with brilliant white natural diamonds in pave set
USD $8,995.00
Ref. # E209
Emerald earrings and matching pendant
Natural Emerald Earrings and Match Pendant
6.06 carats, these sparkling bluish medium green set emeralds are from the Muzo mine, they are crystalline 14k
USD $4,500.00
Ref. # E210
Halo emerald post earrings 18k
Halo Emerald Post Earrings
3.84 ct. - 18k set in a four single prong setting, beautifully surrounded by a halo of dazzling natural diamonds
USD $2,790.00
Ref. # E211
Halo pear shaped emerald earrings
Halo Emerald Pear Shaped Earrings
2.52 ct. 14k Medium green pear-cut beautifully surrounded in the same shape with round natural pave set diamonds
USD $2,800.00
Ref. # E212
Natural Emerald Cabochon Earrings
Natural Emerald Cabochon Earrings
3.83 carats - 14K yellow gold natural cabochon Colombian emeralds surrounded by a halo of shimmering diamonds
USD $3,400.00
Ref. # E213
Colombian emerald stud earrings
Colombian Emerald Stud Earrings
4.38 carats these large, eye catching natural emeralds are really stunning set in lustrous 14K yellow gold
USD $7.790.00
Ref. # E214
Bowtie Colombian  emerald earrings 18k
Colombian Emerald Bow-tie Earrings 18k
3.70 ct. The single sparkling gemstones dangling from a pave natural diamond set Bow-tie, surely will be tons of complements
USD $3,350.00
Ref. # E215
Diamond Cluster Emerald cut Drop Earrings
Diamond Cluster Emerald cut Drop Earrings
3.04 ct. 14k diamond cluster stud earrings holding the stunning elongated medium green Colombian emeralds
USD $4,995.00
Ref. # E216
Emerald cluster earrings
Stud Emerald Cluster Earrings
1.67 Carats round cut genuine Colombian emeralds and 0.48 carats natural diamonds set in 14k yellow gold
USD $1,960.00
Ref. # E217
Halo stud emerald earrings 14k
Halo Emerald Stud Earrings 14K
1.72 carats - yellow gold frame hand made just for them, with the halo natural white diamonds look spectacular
USD $2,100.00
Ref. # E218
Emeralds Earrings and Pendant Set Yellow Gold
Emeralds Earrings and Pendant Set Yellow Gold
2.64 carats - 14K
USD $2,500.00
Ref. # E219
May birthstone earrings emeralds
May Birthstone Earrings: Emerald
1.67 ct. these simple yet elegant halo stud earrings could be the perfect gift for a mom born in the month of May 14k
USD $2,950.00
Ref. # E220
Eemerald earrings and match pendant set
Emerald Earrings and Match Pendant Set
4.48 carats - 18k framed by white natural diamonds pave set are transparent and very brilliant, perfect for a gift
USD $6,500.00
Ref. # E221
Drop dangle fine emerald earrings
Fine Emerald Drop Dangle Earrings 14k
1.55 ct. Lever backs. Green fire or oil drop (gota de aceite) are the names given to the finest Colombian emeralds
USD $2,500.00
Ref. # E222
Halo emerald cut earrings Colombian emeralds
Halo Emerald Cut Earrings Colombian Emeralds
1.16 carats - 18k white gold are spectacular, elegant and for sure they will catch everyone's attention all the time
USD $3.200.00
Ref. # E223
Love knot emerald earrings
Emerald Love Knot Earrings
1.41 ct. They are crystalline, transparent and very brilliant; matching the quality to the round ones on the top in 14k
USD $1,780.00
Ref. # E224
Emerald cut Emerald Earrings 18k
Emerald cut Emerald Earrings 18K
2.27 Carats beautiful brilliant Colombian emeralds hanging from a line of brilliant natural diamonds, simply elegant.
USD $3,500
Ref. # E225
Leaf emerald drop earrings
Leaf Emerald Drop Earrings for Sale
1.43 ct. - 14k From the two leaves milgrain branch dangling beautiful permanently flashing and elegantly swinging
USD $1,590.00
Ref. # E226
Emerald Baguette Cut Earrings for Sale
Emerald Baguette Cut Earrings for Sale
0.95 ct. - 14k it is the enchanting spell of the green fire combined with beautiful diamond brilliance on the top
USD $1,250.00
Ref. # E227
Natural emerald earrings

Natural Emerald Earrings

1.89 ct. These natural Colombia emeralds are set in 14k gold dangling from the top ribbon decorated with diamonds
USD $2,168.00
Ref. # E228
Emerald dangling earrings
Emerald Dangling Earrings
1.05 carats pear shaped medium deep sparkling color and crystalline, dangling from a pear shaped studs 14K gold
USD $1,350.00
Ref. # E229
Emerald and Diamond Clover Stud Earrings
Emerald and Diamond Clover Stud Earrings
0.83 carats - 14k clover set may have special combinations of meanings: True Love, Hope and Good luck
USD $960.00
Ref. # E230
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Natural Emerald Earrings Designs and Manufacture:

In the world of gems, the most difficult to get matching pairs are Emeralds, especially from Colombia, because they are cut by hand and not in standard measures.

So these genuine or natural gems in decent quality are not very abundant and they are expensive.

These gemstones are cut according to their rough shape and color position in the stone, making the most of their expensive material, the best possible cut. More weight, more carats, more value and it is for this reason that it is almost impossible to find two equal emeralds in the market.

When I go to Colombia, I buy what is available in the market at the time, it is difficult to find what I want and in the quantity I want. The market depends on the raw production in the mines and what finally it is available for sale in free trade in the offices where they are traded.

After buying many of these gemstones, the ones that could be similar pairs are selected and if it is necessary to re-cut some of them without changing their color, although they are not perfectly equal yet.

On the jeweler's bench, it is another odyssey, because its measurements are not standard as in semi-precious gems and there is no gold jewelry produced in factories that fit the length and width of the hand-cut gems.

This is the reason why almost all the gold boxes to set emeralds or settings have to be made by hand, or in a computer wax printer to fit the measures of it, in a professional work; for the safety and protection of the gem and in the jewel.