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There is no universal table or standard table to grade the quality of loose natural emeralds on the market. Most grading is done based on these four facts: -Carat weight or size of the emerald. - Color: hue, brilliance, tone and saturation. - Clarity: visibility of inclusions and flaws. - Cut: how well the stone is cut.
You will see many different terms describing color and quality on many different sites such as: AAA quality, signature quality, top green quality, rich grass green, etc. Also, I've seen sites offering "truly top high-quality" at around $600.00 per carat, which it is not a realistic price or it is a wrong description.

Real Colombian Emeralds Prices: I know that all people looking for emeralds to buy want to know the real price of emeralds in the market and especially for the quality of the emerald that you want to buy, but "The value depends upon who the seller is and who the buyer is"; where are you buying it (direct importer seller or intermediary) and how wide is the selection to choose from (in stock or by ordering from another seller), Intermediaries and international gem dealers increase the price to the public by two or three times more because each of them wants a profit.

We acquired our loose Colombian emeralds directly from the miners and cutters in Colombia; my 30 years of experience and knowledge in the emeralds and jewelry business makes to me an expert and a smart wholesale buyer, to get the best commercial high quality emeralds available in town at the best price possible, grabbing the opportunity for a good price at the moment, I am a native of Colombia and I speak their language, I went there a merchant like them and I understand the market.

Light green
Light - medium green
Medium green
Medium - deep green
Deep green
Vibrant deep bright green

It is not possible to create an accurate and understandable color and quality grading chart for all emeralds because the variety is really wide, so we narrow them to the quality that we handle:
From: good brightness, very good brightness to really good brightness and vibrant brightness. From light green to deep green, not black spots and not external fractures refilled with synthetic resins.
All genuine emeralds have natural flaws, from clean to unaided eye to visible natural flaws; any gem without inclusions is probably synthetic or imitation, because "they naturally are always included."
When the over saturated chromium and also sometimes vanadium atoms stress the beryl crystals, it produces internal micro-fissures what is called Jardin (flaws) "a unique garden of inclusions that gives to each natural gemstone its one of a kind birthmarks." we do not acquire them heavy included.

In my opinion the treatment for these internal micro-cracks is better to use a stable or permanent resin filling to prevent future changes within the gemstone once in the hands of the user, BUT NOT if it is to hide holes or serious external fractures that compromise the integrity of the gem, which is deceptive; In addition, the so-called commercial cedar oil used in laboratories for precious stone treatments is also synthetic.

Absolutely not cracked or external refilled fractures, mostly not black carbon spots and best commercial and affordable high quality.

Our Colombian emeralds prices per carat are the lowest in the market.

The Loose Real Emeralds for Sale that we offer here are really of Colombian origin and their pictures are of the actual item that is for sale and ready to ship.

Photographing loose emeralds is very difficult to faithfully show the exact quality, color and brilliance, all photos have to be adjusted to get as close as possible to the reality of what each individual emerald is. I have not been able to make videos for loose emeralds that can give the buyer an accurate idea of what each emerald is, on the contrary, they look very different in color and quality, videos for loose emeralds do not help. Our individual descriptions are exact and without exaggeration so as not to create higher expectations for the buyer.

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GIA certified loose emeralds wholesale

GIA Certified Loose Emerald for Sale

4.71 Carats F2 moderate clarity enhancement good quality from Colombia 13.4 x 6.3 mm. Medium green color.
USD $8,760.00
Ref. # LEM301
GIA certified F2
Baguette cut loose natural Colombian emerald
Baguette cut Natural Emerald For Sale
3.13 ct. High quality and excellent cut for a special design fine piece of jewelry 17.1 x 5.0 mm. Deep green / very good brightness
USD $8,180.00
Ref. # LEM302
Loose Colombian emerald for sale

Loose Real Emerald for Sale

4.18 ct. high quality real Colombian emerald 11.33 x 8.65 mm. Bluish medium-deep green vibrant brightness and excellent cut
USD $16,230.00
Ref. # LEM303
Natural gia certified loose emeralds for sale
Natural Loose Emerald for Sale GIA Cert.
4.16 Carats octagonal cut 10.03 x 9.60 mm. Medium-deep green very good brightness and cut, moderate clarity enhancement
USD $6,495.00
Ref. # LEM304
GIA certified F2
Loose Muzo Colombian emeralds
Certified Colombian Emerald for Sale
2.77 ct. Pear shaped with a moderate clarity enhancement 12.46 x 7.53 mm. Medium deep green color/ very good brightness Muzo mine
USD $5,980.00
Ref. # LEM305
GIA certified F2
Loose emerald for sale.
GIA Certified Loose Emerald for Sale
3.03 ct. moderate clarity enhancement, rectangular shape 9.70 x 8.01 mm. medium-deep green very good brightness
USD $6,060.00
Ref. # LEM306
GIA Certified F2
Loose genuine Colombian emeralds for sale
GIA Certified Genuine Colombian Emerald
3.27 ct. moderate clarity enhancement GIA F2 heart shaped Vibrant medium-deep green color excellent brightness
USD $5,130.00
Ref. # LEM307
GIA Certified F2
Certified Loose Emeralds Price of Wholesale
Certified Loose Emerald Wholesale Price
2.45 Carats GIA certified moderate clarity enhancement, nice quality octagonal cut 8.14 x 7.74 mm. Medium green vibrant brightness
USD $4,490.00
Ref. # LEM308
GIA Certified F2
1.00 carat loose Colombian emerald
1.00 carat Loose Emerald for Sale
1 ct. 6.85 x 5.64 mm. Colombian emerald medium-deep green good brightness
USD $1,450.00
Ref. # LEM309
1.88 carat pear shaped emerald
1.88 carat Pear Shaped Emerald for Sale
Pear shaped 9.8 x 7.1 mm. Medium green very good brightness
USD $1,510.00
Ref. # LEM310
Oval shaped loose emerald
Oval cut Loose Emerald for Sale
2.11 ct. Excellent quality 9.0 x 6.8 mm. Medium-deep green good brightness
USD $2,230.00
Ref. # LEM311
Pear shaped loose colombian emerald
Pear Shaped Loose Emerald for Sale
3.43 ct. GIA Certified High quality 16.3 x 7.0 mm. vibrant Medium-deep green color
USD $9,632.00
Ref. # LEM312
GIA Certified F2
GIA certified emerald-cut loose Colombian emerald
Cert. Emerald-cut Loose Emerald for Sale
1.83 ct. Rectangular emerald-cut 8.73 x 6.57 mm. vibrant medium green from Muzo
USD $3,660.00
Ref. # LEM313
GIA Certified F2
13.42 carats pear shaped emerald
13.42 ct. Pear Shaped Emerald Wholesale Price
Big emerald Muzo mine 19.96 x 12.65 mm. Medium green good brightness.
USD $4,700.00
Ref. # LEM314
loose emerald cushion cut for sale
GIA Cert. Loose Emerald Cushion cut
1.63 ct. 7.90 x 7.65 mm. Medium-deep vibrant bluish green color, high quality.
USD $3,790.00
Ref. # LEM315
GIA Cert. F2
4.17 carats pear cut loose emerald
4.17 ct. Pear Cut Emerald Wholesale Price
Beautiful 13.95 x 9.98 mm. Medium green very good brightness, good quality
USD $4,350.00
Ref. # LEM316
1.74 carats fine pear shaped loose emerald
Fine Pear Shaped Loose Emerald
1.74 ct. High quality 10.66 x 7.73 mm. deep vibrant bluish green very good brightness
USD $3.300.00
Ref. # LEM317
GIA certified Loose Muzo mine emerald
GIA Certified Loose Muzo mine Emerald
5.21 ct. Cushion cut 11.14 x 11.01 mm. Medium-deep green very good brightness
USD $11,460.00
Ref. # LEM318
GIA Certified F2
Affordable loose Colombian Emerald for Sale
Affordable loose Colombian emerald for Sale
3.18 carats 11.83 x 8.29 mm. Pear shaped
Medium-deep green good brightness
USD $650.00
Ref. # LEM319
Emeral-cut Colombian emeralds for sale
GIA Cert. Emerald-cut loose emerald for Sale
2.56 carats 8.79 x 7.71 mm.
Medium-deep green very good brightness
USD $3,340.00
Ref. # LEM320
GIA Certified F2
Emerald-cut loose Colombian emerald for sale
GIA Cert. Loose Colombian emerald
1.40 carat - 7.04 x 6.82 mm.
Medium-deep bluish green good brightness
USD $2,520.00
Ref. # LEM321
GIA Cert. F2
Natural pear shaped loose emerald for sale
Emerald for sale pear shaped
2.25 carats 12.81 x 6.55 mm. vibrant deep bluish green color very good symmetry
USD $4,500.00
Ref. # LEM322
Certified Natural heart shaped emerald for sale
GIA Certified Heart Shaped Emerald for sale
2.54 ct. 8.50 x 9.87 mm
Medium-deep green / very good brightness
USD $5,100.00
Ref. # LEM323
GIA Certified F2
Pear shaped emerald from Muzo Colombia
Pear shaped emerald from Muzo Colombia
1.84 ct. 10.62 x 6.92 mm.
Medium-deep green very good brightness
USD $2,320.00
Ref. # LEM324
Natural merald from Colombia
Emerald Cushion cut Muzo Colombia
2.06 carats 8.03 x 7.84 mm.
Medium-deep green / very good brightness
USD $2,950.00
Ref. # LEM325
GIA Natural cushion cut emerald from Colombia
GIA Cert. cushion cut Colombian emerald
3.13 carats 10.03 x 9.48 mm.
Medium-deep green / very good brightness
USD $5,675.00
Ref. # LEM326
Natural emerald pear shaped from Colombia
Natural emerald pear shaped from Colombia
1.44 ct. 9.31 x 6.52 mm.
Medium-deep green very good brightness
USD $1,440.00
Ref. # LEM327
High quality heart shaped genuine emerald
Loose heart shaped genuine emerald
1.46 ct. 7.19 x 7.50 mm. High quality
Medium-deep green very good brightness
USD $2,300.00
Ref. # LEM328
For sale heart shaped loose natural emerald
Heart shaped loose emerald for sale
1.14 carat 6.43 x 7.72 mm. High quality
Medium-deep green very good brightness
USD $1,800.00
Ref. # LEM329
Baguette cut Colombian emerald for sale
Baguette cut Loose emerald for sale
1.16 ct. 8.01 x 4.73 mm.
Medium green very good brightness
USD $1,100.00
Ref. # LEM330
Oval shaped Colombian loose emerald
Oval cut loose emerald for sale
1.75 carat 8.63 x 7.07 mm.
Medium green good brightness
USD $890.00
Ref. # LEM331
Oval cut genuine Colombian emerald
Oval cut emerald for sale
1.80 carat 9.93 x 6.48 mm.
Medium-deep green good brightness
USD $1,050.00
Ref. # LEM332
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