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Four Colombian emeralds of equal quality

Remarkable brilliance and a crystalline light-medium color.

When I buy emeralds, I personally submit them to a cleaning process to remove the treatment with which they were purchased and thus be able to make a new more stable and permanent treatment, to avoid changes in the future; these emeralds did not show any change after the cleaning process and that is why it was not necessary to do the new treatment; that is why I assume these four emeralds have no treatment, but I cannot guarantee it because an analysis in a laboratory would be necessary, which would increase their very reasonable price.

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Accurate details for this unique natural Colombian emeralds

Ref. LEM347
Four genuine loose Colombian emeralds
7.88 Carats total weight
Light-medium green / Remarkable brightness.
Internal natural flaws which are normal in genuine emeralds, they are not obvious to the naked eye but visible through a X10 loupe, no cracks or external fractures
Rectangular emerald cut / good symmetry
#1-3.24 ct. 11.30L X 6.81W X 5.34D. #2-1.70 ct. 9.00L X5.24W X 4.28D. #3-1.71 ct. 9.24L X5.20W X 4.26D. #4-1.23 ct. 6.58L X 6.12W X 4.92D. in millimeters
Minor or no clarity enhancement with permanent colorless resin to avoid future clarity changes and re-oiling process.
WEB OFFER: USD $4,900.00
Regular retail price USD $9,800.00

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Overview: All our emeralds are imported from Colombia, we focus mainly on emeralds extracted from the Muzo mines.

Natural Colombian emeralds matching set
Item Reference #LEM347
Rectangular emerald-cut emeralds

7.88 ct. Natural Colombian emeralds matching set emerald-cut for sale, 7.88 ct. four loose gemstones sparkling medium light bluihs green color, all natural gems have natural inclusions.
All Colombian emeralds are cut by hand; therefore, each emerald is unique and their measurements depends from the original rough shape, size and color position into the rough emerald stone.

About the color position in natural emeralds

All emeralds or beryl have a natural formation of cylindrical and hexagonal shape, naturally the color is not even throughout all the rough cylinder, the color is found as a layer of color around the cylinder thin or thick and more accentuated at the base of it which is one of the tips of the cylinder; viewed from the side, the cylinder is bluish and when viewed from one of the tips, the color is yellowish, the diagonal cut of the stone taking the two combined colors, the two perfectly balanced colors, the desired bluish green appears into the gem already cut, if the miner is lucky and finds this base with solid color, then the gem will have an even color, but if the color is not like that then it will be a gem with the color in a large or small zone, that depends on the position and shape of the rough emerald stone.
All our loose Colombian emeralds are acquired from environmentally friendly sources, licensed miners and cutters.
This natural Colombian emerald has a moderate modern clarity treatment with permanent colorless oil, as normal part of the post lapidary process.
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