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Emerald rings for men
Men's Colombian Emerald Ring
1.97 ct. Bezel set born in the Muzo empire seven round-cut natural diamonds each side, the setting is sturdy and very masculine in 14k
USD $2,720.00
Ref. # MR101
Emerald ring jewelry for men
Men's Emerald Ring Fine Jewelry for Men
3.48 ct. this modern and sophisticated 18k yellow gold ring is a great piece for those men who want to wear unique emerald jewelry
USD $5,980.00
Ref. # MR102
18k yellow gold mens emerald rings
18K Yellow Gold Men's Emerald Ring
2.35 carats a natural Colombian emerald octagonal cut in bezel set, proudly designed and made in the USA in 18k yellow gold
USD $4,200.00
Ref. # MR103
emerald-cut mens emerald rings
Emerald-cut Mens Emerald Ring
2.34 ct. stunning medium green color, set in a fine elegant and strong bezel setting, channel set natural accent diamonds brightly polished finish
USD $2,600.00
Ref. # MR104
Emerald Solitaire Rings for men
Men's Emerald Solitaire Rings
1.87 ct. medium bluish green color in a full bezel setting for every day wear, elegant and masculine solitaire ring made in 14k gold
USD $2,420.00
Ref. # MR105
Men's May birthstone Rings

Men's May Birthstone Ring for men

2.90 ct. set in a 18k strong bezel setting, natural accent diamonds; the perfect jewelry gift for men born in the month of May
USD $4,995.00
Ref. # MR106
18K Emerald Rings for Men
Emerald Rings for Men Fine Jewelry
1.97 ct. this superb ring is truly one-of-a-kind sturdy and masculine to add to your emerald jewelry for men collection in 14k gold
USD $4,070.00
Ref. # MR107
18k yellow gold emerald rings for men
18K Yellow Gold Emerald Rings for Men
4.84 carats born in Muzo mine - Modern, strong beautiful and elegant with two curbed lines channel set of natural diamonds accents
USD $8,900.00
Ref. # MR108
Men's Colombian Emerald Muzo Mine Ring
Muzo Mine Emerald Ring for Men
2.55 ct. the top of the ring has a two step design that beautifully accentuates the emerald-cut Muzo born Colombian emerald.
USD $4,320.00
Ref. # MR109
Men's soliraire emerald rings
Men's Solitaire Emerald Rings
3.26 carats rectangular cut a sturdy piece of jewelry that will last for many generations, sides nicely trimmed with a Greek key design
USD $5,100.00
Ref. # MR110
Emerald-cut emerald mens ring bezel set
Emerald-cut Emerald Ring for Men
2.77 ct. Born in Muzo mine emerald-cut fine quality vibrant green emerald set in a full bezel setting 18k white gold.
USD $4,990.00
Ref. # MR111
Men's Emerald-cut and diamonds emerald Ring
Men's Emerald and diamonds Rings
1.13 carats sparkling medium green color full bezel setting, flanked by a sparkling round natural diamond on each side 14k yellow gold
USD $1,650.00
Ref. # MR112
Men's genuine emerald rings
Genuine Men's Emerald Rings
2.60 carats medium green color, earth mined Colombian gemstone full bezel setting with high polished finish, made in 14k gold
USD $2,250.00
Ref. # MR113
Natural mens emerald rings

Men's Natural Emerald Ring

2.27 ct. this one of a kind design is a great choice to add value to your mens emerald jewelry collection in 14k yellow gold
USD $3,530.00
Ref. # MR114
14k white gold mens emerald rings
14K White Gold Men's Emerald Ring
1.32 ct. Handsome and masculine ring bezel setting nicely accented by a round-brilliant cut diamond on each side
USD $2,500.00
Ref. # MR115
18k gold mens emerald rings
18K Gold Men's Emerald Ring
3.28 ct. sparkling medium bluish green natural Colombian emerald from the Muzo mine elegantly set in a bezel setting
USD $4,490.00
Ref. # MR116
Men's Emerald Gemstone Rings
Men's Emerald Gemstone Ring
1.22 ct. This magnificent 14k ring is truly a piece of art nice floral carving decoration to give an elegant antique look
USD $2,390.00
Ref. # MR117
men's solitaire emerald rings
Men's Emerald Solitaire Ring
2.65 ct. vivid green color set in 18k white solid gold with high polished finish very masculine look
USD $3,360.00
Ref. # MR118
Real emrald mens rings
Real Emerald Ring for Men - 18K
2.52 ct. Colombian emerald the bezel set framed by 22 pave-set round natural diamonds a forever emerald ring for man
USD $6,160.00
Ref. # MR119
Horseshoe mens emerald rings
Men's Horseshoe Emerald Ring
2.55 carats cushion cut sparkling natural Colombian mined gem bezel set and natural white diamonds, made in 14k yellow gold
USD $3,700.00
Ref. # MR120
Asher cut Men's Natural Emerald Ring
Asscher cut Men's Emerald Ring
1.94 ct. vibrant medium green color and crystalline emerald with accent natural white diamonds, made in 18k white gold
USD $3,580.00
Ref. # MR121
Emerald Bezel Set Yellow Gold Mens Ring
Bezel Set Men's Emerald Ring
1.21 ct. vivid green color Muzo mined emerald, this gorgeous men's ring is perfect for men with active lifestyle
USD $2,400.00
Ref. # MR122
Real Colombian emerald ring for men
Men's Real Emerald Ring
1.45 ct. Colombian emerald sparkling medium green bezel set, flanked by flashing natural diamonds VS1 GH round cut, made in 18K
USD $3,100.00
Ref. # MR123
Real Colombian Emerald Mens Ring
Men's Natural Emerald Ring
1.00 carat, this natural emerald and diamond men's band is absolutely delightful and you won't find it elsewhere, 14k yellow gold
USD $1,985.00
Ref. # MR124
Mens genuine Colombian emerald rings
Men's Genuine Emerald Ring
1.20 ct. sparkling medium bluish green, two white natural round diamonds accent in prong set, made in 18k yellow gold
USD $2,890.00
Ref. # MR125
Mens solitaire emerald rings
Solitaire Emerald Ring for Men
1.57 ct. 14k this men's emerald pinky ring is absolutely stunning combination of satin and high polished finish in 14k yellow gold
USD $1,990.00
Ref. # MR126
Mens emerald pinky rings gold
Men's Emerald Pinky Rings
1.72 ct. sparkling natural Muzo Colombian emerald, this men's pinky ring is simple yet elegant and can be worn on a daily basis, 18k
USD $2,700.00
Ref. # MR127
18k white gold men's emerald ring
18K Men's White Gold Emerald Ring
2.76 ct. Vibrant natural Colombian emerald, this men's solitaire ring is absolutely elegant and can be worn every day
USD $4,540.00
Ref. # MR128
men's horseshoe emerald pendant
Unisex Emerald Horseshoe Pendant
1.60 ct. for horses lovers, this is a one of a kind pendant to add it to your collection 18k yellow gold; Diamonds 1.81 carats
USD $5,900.00
Ref. # MP101
Men's Sapphire Ring
Men's Sapphire Rings
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Tips for the Care of Your Men's Emerald Rings:

All emerald rings rings for men in this page are made by me the owner, a goldsmith and bezel setter, each bezel must be made by hand for each unique emerald gemstone.

You will receive exactly the same beautiful men's emerald rings displayed in the pictures and videos, we do not use computer renderings. All items Are Ready to Ship, Free S&H in The U.S.

All gems in bezel-set have more protection against accidental hits on hard surfaces and prevent the gemstone from breaking, since wearing in the hands normally they are very exposed to impacts.

It is for that reason we strongly recommend removing the jewelry from your hands to do hard work and thus avoid unfortunate losses in your precious jewelry.

All the emeralds that we offer here on our web-page are of Colombian origin and they are very bright and beautiful, but in order for them to remain that way, you must take permanent care of them from mistreatment.

Cleaning them frequently with warm water and a soap grease remover without solvents such as acetone. To keep your jewelry clean for as long as possible, wear them after applying lotions and creams to your hands, so they do not become cloudy when smeared with them... See more