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Colombian pear shaped emerald pendant
Colombian Pear Shaped Emerald Pendant
5.86 ct. surrounded by a halo natural diamonds gracefully hanging from an inverted pear-shape diamond bail - 18K
USD $6,500.00
Ref. # P101
GIA Certified genuine Colombian emerald pendant
GIA Certified Genuine Emerald Pendant
3.55 ct. genuinely exquisite, breathtakingly simple but elegant, the diamonds around the Colombian emerald highlight its beauty
USD $18,200.00
Ref. # P102
GIA Certified F1
Natural emerald pendant

Natural Emerald Pendant

4.53 ct. framed by a halo of round diamonds and crowned on the top bail with an emerald cut natural diamond 18k
USD $6,480.00
Ref. # P103
Colombian emerald pendant necklace
Colombian Emerald Pendant Necklace
4.84 carats cushion cut Muzo Born, preciously crafted in solid 18K yellow gold with a top trillion cut diamond slider bail
USD $7,150.00
Ref. # P104
Emerald cushion cut pendant
Emerald Cushion Cut Pendant
3.43 ct. vibrant bluish green fire cushion cut and on the top a slider bail with a white colorless round cut natural diamond 18K
USD $5,940.00
Ref. # P105
Elongated pear shaped and double halo pendant
Emerald Pendant Pear Shaped With Double Halo Diamond
2.13 carats surrounded by a double halo of natural diamonds and on top an inverted pear shaped slider bail, crafted in 18k white gold
USD $5,200.00
Ref. # P106
Emerald Heart Shaped Pendant
Emerald Heart Pendant
3.23 ct. surrounded by a heart shape halo of natural white diamonds prong set, hand made only for this gem in 18K
USD $4,995.00
Ref. # P107
Pear Shaped Natural Emerald Pendant
Pear Shaped Natural Emerald Pendant
5.03 carats and a decorated halo of prong set white natural diamonds, made in the USA with 14K white gold
USD $5,990.00
Ref. # P108
Emerald Oval Shaped Pendant
Emerald Oval Shaped Pendant
10.91 carats from Colombia and independent prong set natural white diamonds around in the same shape in 14K
USD $5,410.00
Ref. # P109
18K Yellow Gold Emerald Pendant
18K Yellow Gold Emerald Pendant
9.11 ct. sparkling medium deep green framed by double halo of natural diamonds prong set, made for this gem
USD $8,800.00
Ref. # P110
Womens Emeralds Pendant
Womens Emeralds Pendant
1.81 cttw. on the top 0.60 ct. the bigger one 1.21 ct. This unique halo style pendant is made in solid 14K white gold
USD $3,300.00
Ref. # P111
GIA Certified Natural Colombian Emerald Pendant
GIA Certified Natural Emerald Pendant
5.65 carats framed by an octagonal shape halo natural diamonds prong set, finely crafted in 18K white gold
USD $16,500.00
Ref. # P112
GIA Certified F2
14K Pear Shaped Emerald Pendant
Pear Shaped Emerald Pendants
8.64 carats big and beautiful gem surrounded by natural white diamonds, designed and made in 14K white gold
USD $8,600.00
Ref. # P113
Natural Emerald and Diamond Pendants
Natural Emerald and Diamond Pendants
7.78 ct. deep bluish green decorated around with prong settings round cut natural white diamonds, made in 14K
USD $8.200.00
Ref. # P114
Emerald Pendant for Women
Emerald Pendant for Women
2.26 carats medium green very brilliant, framed by pave natural diamonds and a complemented bail extension- 18K
USD $3,390.00
Ref. # P115
Colombian Emerald Pear Shaped Pendant
Colombian Emerald Pear Shaped Pendant
3.70 carats deep green brilliant gem surrounded by double row of pave setting white natural diamonds made in 14k
USD $5,850.00
Ref. # P116
White Gold Emerald Pendant Pear Shaped
3.46 ct. single prong set fitting perfectly into the 18k white gold mounting, hanging from a brightly polished bail
USD $4,500.00
Ref. # P117
Emerald heart pendants
Emerald Heart Pendant for Women
2,64 carats - Beautiful natural Colombian emerald surrounded by a halo of diamonds, hand-crafted in 14K white gold
USD $3,430.00
Ref. # P118
Halo Emerald cut Pendant
Halo Emerald cut Pendant
8.04 carats light-medium green very brilliant and the prong set diamonds around, make a very sparkling pendant 18K
USD $6,200.00
Ref. # P119
American Eagle Pendant with Emerald
Emerald American Eagle Pendant Necklace
1.91 ct. This sky warrior, the flying American eagle shows off its power and strength by carrying a large gem,14k yellow gold
USD $1,570.00
Ref. # P120
Colombian emerald heart pendants
Emerald Heart Pendants Necklace
5.29 carats Sparkling gem genuine Colombian origin and one natural diamond on top, handcrafted in solid 18k yellow gold
USD $4,585.00
Ref. # P121
Unisex Emerald Horseshoe Pendant
Unisex Emerald Horseshoe Pendant
1.60 ct. for horses lovers, this is a one of a kind pendant to add it to your collection 18k yellow gold Diamonds 1.81 ct
USD $5,900.00
Ref. # P122
May Birthstone Pendant

May Birthstone Emerald Pendant

5.29 ct. elongated pear shaped exquisitely surrounded in white natural diamonds for a lucky lady born on May, 14k gold
USD $3,500.00
Ref. # P123
Baguette Cut emerald and Diamond Pendant
Baguette Cut Emerald and Diamond Pendant
0.75 carats flanked by diamond strips on both sides and on the top bail also a baguette diamond- 14K white gold
USD $1,480.00
Ref. # P124
Emerald Oval Cut Pendant
Emerald Circle of Life Pendant Necklace
0.85 ct. three gold and diamond circles and in the center a beautiful green fire emerald: The Circle Of Life Pendant in 14k white gold,
USD $1,066.00
Ref. # P125
Fine Emerald Oval Pendant
Fine Emerald Oval Pendant Necklace
2.62 ct. Colombian emerald surrounded by individual prong set fine quality natural diamonds, an impressive look, 14K white gold
USD $3,320.00
Ref. # P126
 Emerald Clover Pendant
Emerald Clover Pendant
0.53 ct. the gem of true love and hop into a lucky clover silhouette a special combinations of meanings 14K gold
USD $585.00
Ref. # P127
Emerald Elongated Cut Halo Pendant
Emerald-cut Halo Emerald Pendant
2.27 carats, the long frame surrounding the gem with natural diamonds was hand crafted in 18K yellow gold and it is beautiful.
USD $2,190.00
Ref. # P128
Heart shaped emerald pendant
Emerald Heart Shaped and Trillion Diamond Pendant
2.25 ct. with flashing natural diamonds in the same shape and crowned by a trillion cut diamond, hand made in 18k
USD $3,490.00
Ref. # P129
Natural Colombian Emerald Pear Shaped Pendant
Natural Emerald Pear Shaped Pendant
1.35 ct. set in a dangling pear shaped gold mounting prong set from a bail same shape made in 14K white gold
USD $1,600.00
Ref. # P130
Genuine Colombian Emerald Pendant
Genuine Colombian Emerald Pendant
3.54 carats, genuine, authentic, natural, hearth mined, are the same meaning for this beautiful gem - 14K yellow gold
USD $2,420.00
Ref. # P131
Colombian Emerald Cut Pendan
Colombian Emerald Cut Pendant
6.19 carats set in an antique style, designed for women who proudly enjoy big gemstones jewelry 14K white gold
USD $4,280.00
Ref. # P132
Colombian Emerald Heart Pendant
Colombian Emerald Heart Pendant
1.85 ct. A lovely hand-crafted in 14k white solid gold and natural fine diamonds, the perfect gift for her.
USD $2,395.00
Ref. # P133
Emerald dolphin pendant
Emerald dolphin pendant
0.37 ct. round cut and the natural diamond silhouette of the dolphin simulates playing with the gem 14k gold
USD $650.00
Ref. # P134
Emerald solitaire pendant
Emerald solitaire pendant
3.22 carats prong set in a 14k yellow gold hand-crafted setting made just for this beautiful Colombian emerald
USD $1,530.00
Ref. # P135
Colombian emerald pendant
Colombian emerald pendant
2.86 carats vibrant medium green framed in fine natural diamonds prong set in 14k white gold it is a stunning look
USD $3,200.00
Ref. # P136
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About our Colombian Emerald Pendants:

Most of the emerald pendants in this collection are handcrafted, for the following reasons:

Semi-precious color gems such as Aquamarine, Amethyst, Topaz and so on are more commercial, they are cut in standard sizes, the jewelry factories make production in the same dimensions.

All Colombian emeralds are cut by hand in different sizes and shapes, it depends of the rough stone to be cut, to use the most of their material possible and color.

More difficult for us the jewelry makers, it is hard to find a perfect setting fitting the top table, girdle and pavilion's deep measures. Each emerald is different in many ways.

For safety, protection and aesthetics, the gemstone must be set in a precise setting, where the same box serves as a shield and protects the emerald against accidental blows.

The pavilion well seated, without movement to prevent it from break off of the mounting; if the gem is set with no solid back support, it will easily break where it is held by the prongs.

Cleaning them frequently with warm water and a soap grease remover without solvents such as acetone... See more